How children study at “Rocket of Knowledge”.

Always do everything gradually, step by step, from simple to complex, until you fully understand one topic, do not start learning another.
In schools, they do everything the other way, do not have time to deal with one, we begin to study another. What’s wrong with that? The child’s attention remains where he or she hasn’t understood until the end, and has already burdened with more complex knowledge. And so in the chain of this approach, the child gets a load of “gaps” in the education.

And you will be surprised that he or she doesn’t know these words, or knows only small part of them. And think about it, the child constantly hears these words on the lessons, but doesn’t fully understand them. Will he correctly do tasks or exercises, consisting of these words? No!

There should be lots of visualization, pictures, objects, videos, drawing, modeling with plasticine on the lessons.

If we take this approach to teaching our children, then learning will be easy and fun!

In the next article, we will discuss frequently asked questions from parents, but for now, you have your homework. Find out what the word RAPAK means and observe how comfortable you feel or whether you know what to do if I ask you to find RAPAK and take a picture of it.