How tutors work.

Our usual tutors don’t work with the restoration of the knowledge chain, they just pull up marks by “cramming” or repetition of recently passed topics at school.
The student doesn’t make up for own knowledge, he or she cannot use it fully, the independence skill and the interest in studying doesn’t appear.
Let’s imagine the following situation – skyscraper was built and it had weak foundation, and then they started to build floors 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on that foundation, and then it began… The cracks appeared in the building, it started to lean, it became dangerous to be in it, because it could fall at any moment.
The various builders come and try to fix it, repair, put supports on each side to keep the skyscraper from falling, but it only helps for a while, and, most interestingly, they build new floors on top of it. So, the foundation is the skill of proper and effective learning, the floors are more and more grades, and the builders are same tutors we are used to, and now, … Do you think this is the right way to teach our children? Is this what we need?
Dear parents, it is not your fault that our education system works this way, and that you practise with tutors “the old way”, you simply didn’t know how to study in different way.
And we will tell you how to study “in new way” in our next article “How children learn at “Rocket of Knowledge”. And for now, complete simple task. Get tested on our platform and find out where your foundation has “failed”.