What is the uniqueness of the technology?

The uniqueness lies in the fact that children in the classroom study independently, they are not explained the material of today’s lesson, they study it themselves using special checklists.

A checklist is a specific lesson topic, even, one might say, a lesson plan, according to which the child completes exercises and tasks at his own speed.
At the end of it, an examination for understanding and assimilation is passed, and only after a 90-100% result, for knowledge of what has been learned, the child receives a new checklist with a new topic.

This teaches children independence, they themselves gain their knowledge and experience, which will be very useful to them in the future.
What will such education give to a child?
He will be independent, know all the subjects perfectly, without exception, will learn with joy, easily pass all school exams and tests. A child can easily go to college on a budget, find his purpose in life faster than others and achieve success, and you, dear parents, will feel much freer and calmer during the entire study and after.