What questions do parents come to us with?

-The child does not understand the subject

-Bad grades in school

-The child is constantly on the computer and phone

-Lack of interest in learning

-No time for our business, hobbies, sports, walks, households, as we spend it on homework with our child, or going to school and talking with teachers.

-We, parents, are psychologically tired, we do not know what to do, we are already letting the situation take its course.

– We constantly spend money on tutors, but the children do not gain knowledge, mainly we get a temporary effect.

Why is this happening?

Failure in school is a gaps in knowledge of a subject, i.e. the child did not fully understand the previous topic, but has already begun to study a new one. And the more he has accumulated such “gaps”, the more difficult it is for him to learn and understand new more complex material.

As a rule, it is in grades 5-6 that the problem with the accumulated “gaps” begins to take effect in full force and the grades in the school fall down.

Dear Parents! In the next article, “How Tutors Work,” we will go into more detail about “gaps” and why tutors don’t work with them.